Open doors at Wythenshawe Hall

Posted: 01/06/2023

A rush of new volunteers to help the Friends of Wythenshawe Hall (FoWH) has enabled additional areas of the historic building to be opened up to the public during open days.

Around 800 visitors have had the opportunity to see the library wing and the usually inaccessible Tenant’s Hall, used for presentations by guest speakers during the last two open days.

In April John Ayshford and Dr Martin Dodge from The University of Manchester presented their exhibition – Who Built Wythenshawe – which traces the story of Wythenshawe during the twentieth century.

It tells of the critical role played by Ernest and Shena Simon, the philanthropists who bought and donated Wythenshawe Hall to the people of Manchester and changed Wythenshawe from a humble collection of small villages into Manchester’s Garden City.

The FoWH plan to use the exhibition again at future open days to enable more visitors to see it.

Following the Coronation of King Charles III, the May open day focused on royal connections past and present.

Displays showed the links between the Tatton family, the Tudors, and the modern royals.

Guest speaker Maggie Harding displayed some original vintage clothing and talked about the influence of Kings and Queens on fashion. Her talk was well received and she will return in future.

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